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About Us

Who We Are

We have adopted the principle of providing high-tech, integrated solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Interprobe follows the trends in the global market closely, being a company who specializes in next generation defense technologies, cyber threat intelligence, cyber security and special software solutions as a result of more than twenty years of years of experience.

Our company carries out studies on different subjects such as data security, data analytics, tactical and strategic cyber defense and intelligence, geographic infrastructure systems, augmented reality-based simulation within the scope of these specializations.

Interprobe adds value with its unique, smart, effective products, solutions and services to all institutions and organizations operating in different fields, especially those working in sensitive fields of activity.

With its highly qualified engineers and experts, Interprobe is a designer and manufacturer of new technologies, not a distributor.

Aiming to be your solution partner with new and alternative software in constantly developing software technologies, Interprobe offers its work, which starts with a process infrastructure suitable for customer needs, in accordance with international quality control standards.

We serve different data sources with special software solutions.

Interprobe, which adopts the principle of providing high-tech, integrated solutions that meet the needs of the future; It gives importance to R&D investments and to enter into cooperations that promise value.

Being aware of the responsibilities we feel towards our country and the importance of our fields of activity, as Interprobe, we see it as our priority to increase the qualifications of new graduates and university students. In this context, we allocate resources to training and internship programs, project supports and other activities every year in order to bring knowledgeable and talented talents to our country.

Interprobe, which has an office in Azerbaijan/Baku in addition to its Ankara head office, Gebze Bilişim Vadisi and Istanbul Technopark Branch, offers strategic solutions to private and public institutions and organizations in the global market, especially in the nearby geography.

With its proven equipped staff, we continue to grow with our innovative solutions in the global network!