DataCube Self Service Data Analytics Platform

DataCube enables data analysis to be performed quickly and reliably without the need for technical support through various query tools. It is an integrated data analysis platform that can import, transform and prepare data in bulk or flowing data logic from many different data sources, structured, semi-structured and unstructured.

Main Module

Schema Module

Flow Module

Data Set Query Module

Object Set Query Module

Instrument Panel Module

Monitoring and Alerts Module

DATACUBE will enable the data to be imported from many different data sources, to be uploaded to the system to be stored in the system if necessary after the desired conversion processes, and to make inquiries in the desired detail and variety over the loaded data. It is made possible to display query results on easy-to-understand, rich visual tools.


Moreover, with the DataCube, it becomes possible for data analysts to perform all these operations in a self-service logic without the need for external technical support.


DataCube is the first and only data platform product that can perform all data functions (data import, data storage, query, visualization) through a single end-to-end platform interface.
In addition to this critical difference, through the DataCube, users have the opportunity to gather data of different structure and content in many different data sources within the organization they work with on a single distributed big data infrastructure, and therefore associate them and make detailed analyzes on the sum of these data.


Keeping the data stored in the DataCube on a big data infrastructure in a scalable and distributed architecture makes it possible to process and analyze very large amounts of data on the DataCube.
The DataCube ensures that all these superior qualities can be obtained quickly and easily.