Profiling Analytix (PAx)

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Profiling Analytix (PAx)

PAx is a big data and analytics platform. Many different big data systems can work in an integrated way, as well as process and transfer small-scale data files to a single system smoothly.

PAx provides advanced search, intelligent analysis and visualization of the data in the system.

Main Modules : 

  • Data Pipeline Module
  • Data Search & Visualization Module
  • Graph Module
  • Log Analysis Module
  • Artificial Intelligence Module
  • Media Analysis Module
  • Crime Analysis Module


  • PAx differentiates itself from its competitors in the local and global markets with features such as advanced graph analysis, advanced data collection tool, data normalization, data enrichment, test tool, crime analytics module and data transfer API (for external systems).
  • PAx, which includes technologies such as Machine Learning, Streaming, Caching, Big Data, makes an end-to-end data analysis possible for your organization.
  • In order to make predictions with PAx, analyzes can be created with the support of NRT or through artificial intelligence.
  • Provides solutions for unlimited needs in line with obtaining different estimates such as Time Series, Anomaly Detection, Decision Tree, Text Analytics, as well as providing answers to the specific needs of different sectors.
  • PAx works fully integrated with our DataCube Self Service Data Analytics Platform Project.