Honeypot Management

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Honeypot Management

Honeypots are trap servers that collect information about attackers who have unauthorized access to information systems. It can be a computer that appears to be part of a network, or any server hosting data.
As a result of the attacks against the fake vulnerabilities created by the Interprobe Honeypot infrastructures, the attacker IP addresses, username/password combinations, domain names, attack methods, exploit files, etc. valuable information is collected. Threat intelligence is created by consolidating this information.

HoneyPot Features:

Real-time status tracking,

Rich script,

Instant setup,

Not being noticed for a long time,

Scenarios specific to industrial control systems,

Ability to take full pcap.

Honeypot Ağı Sistem Mimari Diyagramı 

In addition to developing and managing the organization’s own Honeypot servers, it offers the opportunity to view, analyze and monitor daily.
There is a central management interface in the distributed infrastructure.
SMTP, FTP, Web Server, SSH, SCADA etc. Honeypot servers are located in buildings.