Data Fusion

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Data Fusion

Data fusion is essentially a process of information integration. InterProbe enables data coming from different environments in different formats to be managed, analyzed and queried from a single place with its DATA FUSION solutions.

InterProbe can enable the management of structured and unstructured databases from a single place, as well as the real-time collection, storage, and processing of data produced by hardware-based sensors and systems directly.

As part of the data fusion solution, previously received records and logs are enriched and inter-preted by InterProbe. If requested, the situational awareness level is conveyed by integrating new data collection channels to be established by us.

Data aggregation techniques of InterProbe; It consists of different applications of principles in-cluding digital signal processing, statistical estimation, control theory, artificial intelligence and classical numerical methods.

In addition to the military field, the data fusion solution is also offered to the industrial field as a result of the commissioning of robotic applications and artificial intelligence techniques.