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With the Network Operation Center (NOC), we monitor your entire system for you 24/7 and take proactive action in case of any performance loss or malfunction.


InterProbe Network Operations Center is under monitoring 24/7!
InterProbe team ensures the accessibility of your systems by monitoring the accessibility and health values of your network components 7x24x365 with alarm pages reflected on the moni-toring screens.

What we offer with NOC?

Gain full visibility of customer’s networks to detect anomalies, and resolve problem when it is emerged.

Overseeing the infrastructure and all network equipment from wiring to servers
(databases, wireless systems, firewalls, IOT devices, smart phones etc.)

Making updates, patches, troubleshooting and distribution across all devices,

Offering support calls and help desk ticketing systems,

Building NOC both internally or on-premise.

Spotting issues, monitoring networks problems that require special attention and make deci-sions quickly for solution.

Backup storage, disaster recovery,

E-mail, voice and data management

Prevent downtime ,

24/7 alert system,


Performance reporting and improvement suggestions.

What are the benefits of NOC?

Minimizing risks,

Establishing a secure organizational structure,

Ensuring that security vulnerabilities are closed,

Not having to bear the high costs of establishing a network security center in-house.