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Security Operation Center (SOC)

A Security Operation Center (SOC) offers that strengthening organizations’s security and, de-tecting, analyzing, preventing and responding to cybersecurity incidents within an organiza-tion through continuously monitoring.

What we offer with SOC?

Proactive prevention of cyber security incidents,

Scanning networks and computers for security vulnerabilities,

Collecting information about cyber security threats and analyzing threats, and investigate root causes,

“Immediate” response to cyber incidents and attacks, and ALERT mechanisms,

Minimization of errors with continuous follow-up-analysis-detection processes,

Reporting of authenticated incidents, taking instant and appropriate action by coordinating resources and directing usage,

Providing situational awareness,

Reporting on cyber security status, events and behavioral trends,

Operation and development of technologies such as IDS and similar data collection/analysis systems.

Log mechanism to all incidents or specific incidents

What are the benefits of SOC?

Preventing system and critical data loss,

Gaining dominance over all cyber security processes with advanced control systems that are active 24/7,

Ensuring the security of your network systems,

Preventing disruption of business processes as a result of possible attacks.